The message

This morning was one of those days where I awaken by the voices of doubt in my head. Screaming lies at me. And as usual I studied them and almost wanted to believe them.

The old familiar lies: You are not really good at what you do, You will never succeed, You are not talented, You are making a mess of everything, You are not really loved, You are no good!

Sound familiar? These lies were my life before the Lord healed me and every now and then they come back and try to steal my life back again. Days like these is hard and one has to do the dirty work of digging though the rubbish of the past few days and inspect where the door was opened, so……………………..

I did the only thing I knew what to do. I went to my room, picked up my old favourite Bible and read some of my favourite pieces. Then it was time to listen to my Father…………….

As I prayed the most awesome thing happened. Me a new baby Christian find everything absolutely awesome and exciting so please let me tell. I was taking on the lies in the name of Jesus. Saying aloud every lie and announcing the Lords truth in Jesus’s name and announcing what I chose to believe. When announcing the truth that Jesus died on the cross of us the dam wall just broke….

We are such fools. We pretend and store up and present this absolute well dressed up composed lady to the world out there. Pleasing everyone and being there for all. Rushing around like a chicken without a head, cause that is what is expected of us.

Martha, Martha stop your running around and sit at the Feet for can you not hear?

Listen to me you royal daughter, the King is coming. Go and prepare yourself. Go wash your hair and dress according. The King is riding His stallion through the night anticipating your meeting. He delights is you. He has chosen you as His bride! Listen to me oh royal daughter. Stop your noise and profanity. I love you so much that I was willing to sacrifice my son for you! Sit at my feet. I will wash you and cloth you in white. I will heal your wounds and bless your children. 

I give rest to weary souls. My peace knows no bounds. Climb in under my wings so I can protect you. Put me above the rest. You are my delight.

PS 45:10 “Listen to me, O royal daughter, take to heart what I say……………….”

with love Lilies and Lace


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  1. Beautiful… and so true.

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