Moving shadows

“We are merely moving shadows,

and all our busy rushing ends in nothing…….” Ps 39:6

We always think that when I get this or that then I will do this or that. When I get my bonus I will take you to the seaside. When I get my new car I will ….. When I get the promotion I will……….. When when when…… When will you sit still and realise that when is now and now could be yesterday and yesterday could be forgotten very easily, as could you.

We heap up stuff thinking is will bring joy, happiness, status… whatever we desire. Then why does this sheep standing in the field seem more peaceful then us? Why do bird sing every day when they have nothing but a nest build of clay or grass?

The next generation will spend our money we worked for so hard and what would they remember of us? That we left them a lot of money? Or maybe that she loved me and liked spending time with me?

Our lives could be cut short and any given moment and still we hurry around to gather crap. We harbour grudges thinking it gives us power when all it does is steal your joy. We aim to gain status and forget those closest to us.

When last did you lie on the grass with a loved one staring at the clouds casting moving shadows?

That is the times you will be remembered by. That is your legacy you could leave to a loved. Moment given to loved ones.

The only asset you have is time. It is your choice how to spend it, as it will run out at some time.

A few days back a dear friends little boy was hit by an car. Luckily he had no serious injuries. Though it did remind me fleeting our lives are. We are all just a moving shadow. We are all here today and maybe gone tomorrow.

Again I realised how precious time is with loved ones and little it actually matters to gather earthly possessions. How important it is to make sure your loved ones love Christ and you will meet again in heaven.



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