Rings and things all in vain

“where has your lover gone’

   O, woman of rear beauty?

       Which way did he turn

               so we can help you find him?” Songs 6:1

Walking to the post office I somehow seem to notice more and more women with sad expressions and heaviness in their souls

Real beauties – real stunner’s – but heaviness in their eyes and mouths drooping. Perfectly styled with stylish clothing. Decorated with jewellery – almost reminding me off a Christmas tree a month after Christmas – the tree has died but still stands there in the corner of your house beautifully decorated and lights

forgotten to be taken down and thrown out for fire wood

a dead tree but with lively plastic coloured decorations?

Then she lights up her cigarette and stands puffing quickly before returning to her office to finish more work to earn more money to buy more stuff to make her happy.

Sitting on the stoep of the bar. Just to relax a bit.

It reminds me of my live before I gave it away. Wow! Was that a life!? Party, fun, cigarettes, drinks, laughter, night lights, turning down, darkening of night, empty spaces, between friends, searching, boredom, emptiness growing inside, shock, realisation, I am empty, broken, broken down, dead, born, life, love, peace, joy, abundance, redemption, beauty a cup over flowing!!

O! beautiful lady on the corner of the street looking so dead! Look inside yourself. If your were made by God and in His image………? If He is your father you have inherited from Him……… Just as our children inherit some of our looks and talents or personalities so do we inherit from Him when we are born from Him.

Do you not see that He delights in your beauty! He wants to be your night in shining armour on the white stallion to rescue you. He rides though the deserted woods calling your name. He keeps calling! My love where are you?

Will you answer?

When He cleans you you and cleansed indeed. All that death, dull, dark demons pestering you can be chased away by the Light – He loves you even when you are still not white as snow.

He calls you his daughter, making you an princess…………. allow yourself to accept the gift…………. what do you have to loose????? Death? Would that be an lost?

I sometimes think back on my wilderness days. Sometimes I giggle at the stupidity. Sometimes they make me sad. Sometimes I am embarrassed. But most of all, I am glad. I am glad they are in past and I now know my Love! My Redeemer as shown me the Truth and made me a stranger to this world, but somehow life in abundance.

He loves you!  Jesus in the most high


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