Reaching the crossroad all out of breath I jerk to a halt

Looking left right left right…….. Oh goodness! Which way?

The left seems to be a better option. All logics scream that! Seems to have much less hurdles from where I stand now. Definitely a road more travelled by the looks of the path trampled. Glamorous flowers in the foyer and kind welcome notes. The porter is dressed smartly with an expensive suite and very professional. He speaks fluently and makes me feel very important and welcome.

As I reach out to take the porters hand something urgent inside me stops me. What should I do?

I pray and pray. Lord, please confirm what should I do? Which way? Last week I could hear you so clearly and experienced so many miracles. Where are you Lord? Where have you been the last two days? I pray relentlessly and eagerly await your confirmation and answer. Why don’t you answer?

Left, right, left ………………………………. Oh goodness!

The right just seems to be so different. The porter looks like a nerd. He is dressed with plain jeans and slacks. No fancy formal wear. He’s not so professional. I struggle to understand him as he stutters. It starts with an uphill, sand and rocks! You will have to be fit to go right! As I glance left I notice his humble gentle eyes.

Then I remember that Moses had a stutter!

Remember the land of your ancestors! Deut 25 flashes to me? What does that mean? I took you from activity to the Promised Land. Not once did you go hungry, your shoes and clothes lasted all the years! Will you follow me?

I feel alone and confused not able to hear my Masters voice.

Right, I am going right no matter what. I default to the right! Then there it is, I seem to hear angle’s singing. Or are they screaming for me to stop?

I have made the decision. I am going right to the path less travelled. I will face the dust, rocks and hills. I will trample on lion and cobra’s just as the Lord promised.

Just then I realised this was I test once again. He needed me to choose on my own. He needed me cling what is right. He needed to know that even in the desert I will default back to what I was taught by my Master. I was tempted and He wanted me to choose.

I love you Lord! I choose you.

Even now facing future criticism for my choice, I know I choose well!

May Your will be done Father! All honor to you.


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