Sitting under the big oak tree on the patchwork picnic blanket with my faded pair of jeans on I start humming the old song.

Baby let the blue jeans talk…..

My blue jeans! Well!

Parts has been ripped, parts worn out with some stains and bleached spots

But the older the jeans, the better they wear until…….

The fabric gets so worn out a new hole just seem to appear everyday

That is when you need to take the scissors and start cutting them into blocks

Not just the jeans, I thought! I get so brave I grab all the old cloths and fabrics and start cutting

And there I start to see it!

Forming a track of memories… Some good, some bad, some sad…

And I realise

My life is a patchwork blanket

Patchwork so finely sewed together that only because there are so many different shades, textures and colours does it make my patchwork life-blanket so special.

This piece was an expensive dress, but saving it for a special occasion caused the fabric to perish

This was a new shirt, but the stain spoiled it

This dress Ouma bought me but the white dress is now yellow

This jeans was the pair on honeymoon in the Bushveld

This shirt I ripped while climbing the waterfall

This skirt I wore when my dog had puppies

O yes! This was a school dance dress….

Dropping the heap of cut pieces on the work table I realised what I lot of work I made for myself


Now, it is a heap of cut pieces of old fabric, scraps, but if sewn together it could be the memory lane patchwork blanket I will lie on under the big oak tree dreaming of what has been, is now and could be.

This is what God does with my life

He cuts out all the best pieces of my live over the years. Throwing the rips and stains out and using the rest to sew the most unique and special patchwork blanket.

The old rags He turned into a colourful soft inviting blanket under to big oak tree.

As I lay there with my kids staring up at the clouds and telling jokes I realise the role I now play in their patchwork blanket being sewed by God.

At the moment, this heartache just looks like another piece of old scrap fabric, but once it is sewn in and part of the big patchwork blanket it fits so perfectly it only makes the blanket more unique.

Who is sewing your blanket? Do you trust your designer enough to allow him or her to cut and sew the irreplaceable memories in just the right design together?

I pray Father you sew our patchwork blankets.

With love

Ripped Jeans xo


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