Highway 140km/h

My dearest friends

Clueless! I feel clueless. Seems I went to bed in my own room and woke up on the highway at 140km/h. What just happened?

Thought I signed up for Peace Corps and now in middle of a raging war! Drop, shoot, run, jump, loophole, backflip,….no to the other side! Faster girl, you running to slow!

After just one week back at school-routine I am so exhausted my toaster’s springs just refuses to pop me out a bed each morning! Maybe I need a new toaster?

Ever tried to pick up Bokradio in Grabouw? AIn’t gonna happen!

“Kaptein span die chhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, kaptein shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, daar oor die  chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

What on earth is this dude on about? Is his ship sinking or what is he trying to sing?

And that is just what is happened to me this week. My volume button was turned to full blast by the world and the song was braking up.

But oh what peace does one find when seeking shelter in the wings of the Most High!

I smile, listen and then thank the Lord I at least know Him, love Him and He can raise His voice above the worlds noise!

Lots of love


Lilies and Lace ;-D



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