What to write about me? Me.

Qualified in the financial world one tends to stick to facts. As I am no acclaimed writer I can only write the facts.

Some guy once said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. tra la la”

One thinks of one self as other sees you. One achieves what other expects of you. You behaves as other think of you. Or so the world goes round.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning in castle? Wearing a stunning gown and glamorous shoes. Most expensive jewellery on planet earth and the servants politely inform you the King desires your presence? What if?

What if you were invited to the glamorous spring ball in the Kings castle? You decide to go, even tough you are not quite dressed accordingly and cannot afford to dress. At the ball you stand in the back corner hoping no one notice you, just admiring the beauty of the occasion. What if the King walks rights up to you and ask you to dance?

What if someone told you you are beautiful?

What if someone declared a blessing on your life?

Would you still see yourself in the same way as before?

Would you still behave like you did before?

I was not looking to find the question as I did not have a what if. What if found me.

Every girl is invited to the ball and guaranteed the King will request a dance with you. Will you accept?

with love

Lilies and Lace


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