PS 45

Psalm 45

Beautiful words stir my heart.

I will recite a love poem about the king,

for my tongue is like the pen of a skilful poet

……………… Listen to me, O royal daughter, take to heart what I say

………………………..Your royal husband delights in your beauty

honor Him for he is your Lord

His smell still lingers in the room long after he left,

and some times in the market place a smell will remind me of him, stirring a string in heart and I stop to catch my breath

O Lover of my soul, how did I ever breath without you. Remembrance of days before you conquered my heart is vague and dark. Did I ever laugh back then? Did I ever notice the beauty of flowers and blessing of laughter? Was I a mere corps breathing air?

How I long for your presence again. Please come and leave your fragrance to stir beauty in heart. Noise and clutter keep me from you and I politely excuse myself from their presence. I hurry to be alone and fall to my knees. O where Lord do I start. I have so much to tell?

Oh come Lord, sweep me of my feet once more and spin me around the room in my ball gown. Tears flow of joy and peace unknown. The blanket falls softly over me and your wash me again.

Words I speak I do not know fall softly over my lips evaporating into heaven in a voice I did not have before.

I love you deeper than the deepest sea, higher than the highest mountain, wider that the widest width

and still

You love me more,

………………………I stand in awe

O King, grant me another moment at your feet

for if not………… I fear my heart might stop never to start again

For grateful am I to be chosen, a peasants daughter adopted by the King, clothing me in a robe of white and silver, showering me with gift

with love

your royal daughter


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