Snail slime and Ester

Last week a girl told me a very interesting myth (I’d call it a myth as I have not yet tried it). She told me that they use the snails to cruise over their faces and that the snail slime is good for wrinkles. Apparently the snail slime acts like a mask for the skin and then makes the facial skin look younger! This method is apparently very popular as it does not cost one anything. (Except for the snail, I’d say. Poor thing! If someone is not eating it, it has to do the cruise of Africa!)

On the flipside – de-wrinkling was instigated in my heart by Father.

This whole week the Lord was prompting me to remember that I am one of His daughters. Like an Ester or Rahab. But that it is important to remember that as a Kings daughter I have a special place at His feet.

That it is important to remember that God made women to be women for a purpose. That “feeling” is an important part of womanhood and of learning who you are in Christ.

To remember that even though women with a touch so gentle that she can embrace the most fragile flower; women are strong and can influence the king.

That life in Christ will have mostly more turmoil that everyday world and that as women in Christ we are given the ability to handle more. That those of us as ladies in Christ need to be more attentive, to embrace wisdom more and to pray even more fervently daily. That to be able to heal the brokenhearted we need to look after our hearts as the most prized possession.

But as I retreat to the garden seeking solitude to lick my wounds inflicted by someone I thought cared, I stare at the snail with its trail of slime and out spoke my heart to the Lord!

“Yes Lord, I’ll remember, but it is hard to feel like Ester with snail slime on my face!”

And so it is. As women of Christ we evidently feel the most unworthy sometimes to bring the baggage from the bottom of the pile to the Lord. And sometimes we all could use some snail slime to amend the outer part of being. But how privileged we are that Jesus’ blood soaks through our most inner being and hearts and amend and redeem 100% (and that’s not just some silly slime cover-up)

To all the ladies out there looking for a snail! Wrinkles or not, you are a Kings daughter as has a very special place at the Kings feet! You are worthy and the King delights in you. PS45

With love

Lilies and Lace


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